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SimpleBurn a CD / DVD burning and extraction tool

SimpleBurn is a minimalistic application for burning and extracting CDs and DVDs and ISO files on Linux.
Features are:

  • CD / DVD ISO image extraction and burning,
  • audio CD extraction and burning,
  • data directory burning on CD / DVD,
  • rewritable CD / DVD blanking,
  • CD / DVD copy,
  • video DVD ripping,
  • languages: cs, de, en, es, fr, hu, it, pl, sv, ru,
  • multiple media and devices detection methods supported (Udev, HAL or LibCDIO),
  • multiple burning suite supported (CDRTools, CDRKit, LibBurnia + CDParanoia / LibCDIO + CDRDAO).
  • SimpleBurn is free software licensed under the Cecill-2 license.

Open the terminal and install first this dependency:

sudo apt-get install icedax
sudo dpkg -i simpleburn*.deb

Run simpleburn on terminal or in unitydash:

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