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Best Twitter Client for Ubuntu

Turpial is Open Source twitter client application writes with phyton, though my opinion turpial is the best twitter client application ever which run in Ubuntu compared with chohoq, qtwit even gwibber. Turpial have good a appearance (some point having good icons), performance (you have a lot of setting inside), and User Friendly GUI that make us quickly to understand some function that available.
Turpial 1.5 Features:

  • Turpial 1.5 have a great features inside, therefore we call it ‘the best twitter client application’ in ubuntu, the features are :
  • Turpial support single column view and multicolumn view (if you are using Multicolumn view it’s look like tweetdeck).
  • Colored tweets according to their status (yellow when read. blue when unread, etc).
  • Besides of twitter, tupial has Support with
  • Enhanced Notifications (with further options).
  • Autoscrolling
  • Customizable image hosting place for uploaded images.
  • Customizable preferred service for shorten url service.

Download/Install Turpial 1.5 via PPA
Turpial now comes to version 1.5, for ubuntu user you can install turpial via PPA that maintain by effie-jayx, do following to install turpial 1.5 in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric :

sudo apt-add-ppa repository: effie-jayx/turpial
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install turpial

To get more information about Turpial, you can visit its official website in writes in Spanish.

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