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Microsoft Defender for Cloud Labs!

In this article we will discuss about microsoft defender for cloud labs, recently microsoft security team just release fantastic labs are divided into Level 100 (Beginner), Level 200 (Intermediate), and Level 300+ (Advanced) across 8 modules, The Labs contain several modules cover different pillars such as CSPM and CWP components of Defender for Cloud. and you can run them for free with a trial subscription which provides you with all capabilities for 30 days.

Beginner100You’re starting out and want to learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Defender for Cloud
Intermediate200You have some experience with the product but want to learn more in-depth
Advanced300+You have lots of experience and are looking to learn about advanced capabilities


Module 1 – Preparing the Environment (L100)

  • Creating an Azure Trial Subscription
  • Provisioning resources (automation)
  • Enabling Microsoft Defender for Cloud

✅Module 2 – Exploring Microsoft Defender for Cloud (L100)

  • Understanding Microsoft Defender for Cloud dashboard
  • Exploring Secure Score and Recommendations
  • Exploring the Inventory capability

✅Module 3 – Security Policy (L200)

  • Overview of the security policy
  • Explore Azure Policy
  • Create resource exemption for a recommendation
  • Create a policy enforcement and deny
  • Create a custom policy

✅Module 4 – Regulatory Compliance (L200)

  • Understanding Regulatory Compliance dashboard
  • Adding new standards
  • Creating your own benchmark

✅Module 5 – Improving your Secure Posture (L300)

  • Vulnerability assessment for VMs
  • Vulnerability assessment for Containers
  • Automate recommendations with workflow automation
  • Accessing your secure score via ARG

Module 6 – Microsoft Defender Plans (L300)

  • Alert validation
  • Alert suppression
  • Accessing Security Alerts using Graph Security API

✅Module 7 – Exporting Microsoft Defender for Cloud information to a SIEM (L200)

  • Using continuous export
  • Integration with Microsoft Sentinel

✅Module 8 – Enhanced Security (L300)

  • Using JIT to reduce attack surface
  • Adaptive Application Control
  • File Integrity Monitoring

I highly recommend checking these labs. will give you better understanding on microsoft defender for cloud, They’re very professionally written check on GitHub now

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