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Cloud Skills Challenge – DevOps Engineer

Another Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge Completed, I just completed the DevOps Engineer Challenge, 30 days to learn it with 27 modules and i completed all the modules within 24 Days during my free time only and it’s an enjoyable experience since it has a lab activity the module quite challenging thanks to Microsoft Learn kudos for the wonderful learning materials.

There are 3 simple steps to get you going

  1. Log into Microsoft Learn using the account you provided upon sign up.
  2. Complete your selected challenge:
    DevOps Engineer (27 Modules)
    Design and implement DevOps processes and practices. Develop an instrumentation strategy with logging, telemetry, and monitoring. Manage source control with GitHub to foster collaboration and automate build and deployment processes. In under 25 hours, you’ll learn how DevOps powers every stage of your software development lifecycle from planning to monitoring.
  3. Keep track of your progress on your challenge page.

    For complete details, see the Official Rules.

DevOps Engineer Module Challenge

  • Capture Web Application Logs with App Service Diagnostics Logging – 55 min
  • Control and organize Azure resources with Azure Resource Manager – 46 min
  • Introduction to App Center – 49 min
  • Deploy Spring microservices to Azure – 38 min
  • Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework – Performance efficiency – 48 min
  • Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework – Operational excellence – 54 min
  • Analyze your Azure infrastructure by using Azure Monitor logs – 36 min
  • Capture and view page load times in your Azure web app with Application Insights – 45 min
  • Instrument server-side web application code with Application Insights – 34 min
  • Monitor cloud resources – 40 min
  • React to state changes in your Azure services by using Event Grid – 33 min
  • Design a holistic monitoring strategy on Azure – 57 min
  • Introduction to GitHub – 1 hr 12 min
  • Migrate your repository by using GitHub best practices – 43 min
  • Upload your project by using GitHub best practices – 43 min
  • Manage repository changes by using pull requests on GitHub – 49 min
  • Settle competing commits by using merge conflict resolution on GitHub – 52 min
  • Search and organize repository history by using GitHub – 38 min
  • Manage an Inner Source program by using GitHub – 50 min
  • Communicate effectively on GitHub by using Markdown – 1 hr 2 min
  • Maintain a secure repository by using GitHub best practices – 35 min
  • Automate DevOps processes by using GitHub Apps – 43 min
  • Automate GitHub by using GitHub Script – 25 min
  • Manage software delivery by using a release-based workflow on GitHub – 1 hr 44 min
  • Build continuous integration (CI) workflows by using GitHub Actions – 1 hr 7 min
  • Build and deploy applications to Azure by using GitHub Actions – 59 min
  • Implement a code workflow in your build pipeline by using Git and GitHub – 1 hr 27 min

Once you’ve completed all required learning modules, your progress bar will show 100% and you will have earned 50 percent off your Microsoft Certification exam.

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To know more about Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge, visit the official website

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