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How to Install the Azure CLI on Windows using PowerShell

In this article I’ll guide you How to Install the Azure CLI on Windows using PowerShell.

1. To install the Azure CLI, you can download it from the location below,

2. To install the Azure CLI using PowerShell, use the below command

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -
OutFile .\AzureCLI.msi
Start-Process msiexec.exe -Wait -ArgumentList '/I AzureCLI.msi
rm .\AzureCLI.msi

To check if the Az CLI is installed successfully run the Az in the cmd or the PowerShell.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19044.1586]
(c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Welcome to Azure CLI!
Use `az -h` to see available commands or go to

The Azure CLI collects usage data in order to improve your experience.
The data is anonymous and does not include commandline argument values.
The data is collected by Microsoft.

You can change your telemetry settings with `az configure`.

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Welcome to the cool new Azure CLI!

Use `az --version` to display the current version.
Here are the base commands:

    account             : Manage Azure subscription information.
    acr                 : Manage private registries with Azure Container Registries.
    ad                  : Manage Azure Active Directory Graph entities needed for Role Based Access
    advisor             : Manage Azure Advisor.
    aks                 : Manage Azure Kubernetes Services.
    ams                 : Manage Azure Media Services resources.
    apim                : Manage Azure API Management services.
    appconfig           : Manage App Configurations.
    appservice          : Manage App Service plans.
    backup              : Manage Azure Backups.
    batch               : Manage Azure Batch.
    billing             : Manage Azure Billing.
    bot                 : Manage Microsoft Azure Bot Service.
    cache               : Commands to manage CLI objects cached using the `--defer` argument.
    cdn                 : Manage Azure Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).
    cloud               : Manage registered Azure clouds.
    cognitiveservices   : Manage Azure Cognitive Services accounts.
    configure           : Manage Azure CLI configuration. This command is interactive.
    consumption         : Manage consumption of Azure resources.
    container           : Manage Azure Container Instances.
    cosmosdb            : Manage Azure Cosmos DB database accounts.
    deployment          : Manage Azure Resource Manager template deployment at subscription scope.
    deploymentmanager   : Create and manage rollouts for your service.
    disk                : Manage Azure Managed Disks.
    disk-encryption-set : Disk Encryption Set resource.
    dla                 : Manage Data Lake Analytics accounts, jobs, and catalogs.
    dls                 : Manage Data Lake Store accounts and filesystems.
    dms                 : Manage Azure Data Migration Service (DMS) instances.
    eventgrid           : Manage Azure Event Grid topics, event subscriptions, domains and domain
    eventhubs           : Manage Azure Event Hubs namespaces, eventhubs, consumergroups and geo
                         recovery configurations - Alias.
    extension           : Manage and update CLI extensions.
    feature             : Manage resource provider features.
    feedback            : Send feedback to the Azure CLI Team!
    find                : I'm an AI robot, my advice is based on our Azure documentation as well as
                         the usage patterns of Azure CLI and Azure ARM users. Using me improves
                         Azure products and documentation.
    functionapp         : Manage function apps. To install the Azure Functions Core tools see
    group               : Manage resource groups and template deployments.
    hdinsight           : Manage HDInsight resources.
    identity            : Managed Service Identities.
    image               : Manage custom virtual machine images.
    interactive         : Start interactive mode. Installs the Interactive extension if not
                         installed already.
    iot                 : Manage Internet of Things (IoT) assets.
    iotcentral          : Manage IoT Central assets.
    keyvault            : Manage KeyVault keys, secrets, and certificates.
    kusto               : Manage Azure Kusto resources.
    lab                 : Manage Azure DevTest Labs.
    lock                : Manage Azure locks.
    login               : Log in to Azure.
    logout              : Log out to remove access to Azure subscriptions.
    managedapp          : Manage template solutions provided and maintained by Independent Software
                         Vendors (ISVs).
    managedservices     : Manage the registration assignments and definitions in Azure.
    maps                : Manage Azure Maps.
    mariadb             : Manage Azure Database for MariaDB servers.
    monitor             : Manage the Azure Monitor Service.
    mysql               : Manage Azure Database for MySQL servers.
    netappfiles         : Manage Azure NetApp Files (ANF) Resources.
    network             : Manage Azure Network resources.
    openshift           : Manage Azure Red Hat OpenShift Services.
    policy              : Manage resource policies.
    postgres            : Manage Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers.
    ppg                 : Manage Proximity Placement Groups.
    provider            : Manage resource providers.
    redis               : Manage dedicated Redis caches for your Azure applications.
    relay               : Manage Azure Relay Service namespaces, WCF relays, hybrid connections, and
    reservations        : Manage Azure Reservations.
    resource            : Manage Azure resources.
    rest                : Invoke a custom request.
    role                : Manage user roles for access control with Azure Active Directory and
                         service principals.
    search              : Manage Azure Search services, admin keys and query keys.
    security            : Manage your security posture with Azure Security Center.
    servicebus          : Manage Azure Service Bus namespaces, queues, topics, subscriptions, rules
                         and geo-disaster recovery configuration alias.
    sf                  : Manage and administer Azure Service Fabric clusters.
    sig                 : Manage shared image gallery.
    signalr             : Manage Azure SignalR Service.
    snapshot            : Manage point-in-time copies of managed disks, native blobs, or other
    sql                 : Manage Azure SQL Databases and Data Warehouses.
    storage             : Manage Azure Cloud Storage resources.
    tag                 : Manage resource tags.
    version             : Show the versions of Azure CLI modules and extensions in JSON format by
                         default or format configured by --output.
    vm                  : Manage Linux or Windows virtual machines.
    vmss                : Manage groupings of virtual machines in an Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set
    webapp              : Manage web apps.


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