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How to change Azure Subscription in PowerShell

In this article I’ll guide you how to change the azure subscription using PowerShell, we can use the command Select-AZSubscription and this Changes the current and default Azure subscriptions. When you use this command, you can use either the subscription ID, Subscription Name, or the Tenant ID.

  1. You can query with the Subscription Name
Select-AzSubscription -SubscriptionName 'James Eduard Lab'

2. or you can query with With TenantID

Select-AzSubscription -Tenant 'XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXX'

3. With Subscription ID

Select-AzSubscription -SubscriptionId 'XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXX'

It takes some time to display the result on console it will display one or more subscriptions.

In that case, you can switch to the other subscription using these commands Set-AZContext 

Sets the tenant, subscription, and environment for cmdlets to use in the current session. Command and you can use subscription ID or Name for it.

Query via Subscription ID: 
Set-AzContext -SubscriptionId "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx"

Query via Subscription Name:

Set-AzContext -SubscriptionName "James Eduard Lab"

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