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How to Install AWS CLI on Ubuntu 20.04

In this article, we will guide you how to install the AWS CLI command-line utility on Ubuntu Server 20.04

1. To Install

If you check the AWS documentation, you will see that AWS doesn’t recommend installing the package in a specific location. In this post, I will create a hidden directory called .aws and install the CLI into it.

2. Create Directory

Let us start with creating a new directory called .aws in our come directory.

mkdir .aws

3. Install Unzip

Next, we need to install unzip in order to extrect the CLI. use the following command to install unzip.

sudo apt install unzip

4. Download and Unzip AWS CLI

Now, let’s download the CLI using the following command. Please make sure you download it to the .aws directory.

sudo curl "" -o ""

When the download is completed unzip the file.


5. Install and Test

The last step is to install the AWS CLI using the following command.

sudo ./aws/install

By default, AWS will install the CLI in the following path.


To check the AWS CLI version type:

aws --version

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