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World Without Linux Episode 2: Are We There Yet? – Linux Foundation
In episode number 2 of this six-part series, we learn what a world without Linux could mean to direction. That GPS in your car likely runs Linux. Not all GPS’ run Linux, but many do. Without Linux, we might have far fewer options for finding our way from point A to point B, as characters Sam and Annie find out in this zany installment.
Linux is the world’s largest collaborative project in the history of computing. It runs most of the world’s technology infrastructure and is supported by more developers and companies than any other platform. It’s literally everywhere – from your phone to your car and your office. It also powers the Internet, the cloud, the world’s stock exchanges, supercomputers, embedded devices and more.
A World Without Linux is a web series that flips this reality on its head to illustrate in an entertaining fashion just how pervasive Linux is today. This fictitious world is such a preposterous notion that the scenarios depicted in the series help us understand how much Linux is a part of our everyday lives and allows us to thank the developers and companies who support Linux.

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