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RootCON 8 – zer0day (Early Registration) Premier Hacking Conference in the Philippines.

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When: September 26-27, 2014
Where: Parklane International Hotel,Cebu City
email://comms[at]rootcon dØt org
What is RootCON?
ROOTCON comes from the two words “ROOT” (super user on Unix systems) and “CON” (conference). ROOTCON operation started 27-December-2008, registered as DEFCON Group 6332, and carried the name DEFCONPH. The group held two small gatherings under DEFCONPH – known as the BeerTalks.
The main objective of the group is to provide a quality – yet fun, form of hacking conference.
ROOTCON is open to everyone. Previous participants have included InfoSec personnel, developers, businessmen, students, lawyers, feds, and the like.
The group is self-sustained and will remain so to avoid any product endorsement that might ruin the very essence of the conference. For this reason, sales pitches are discouraged as well.
ROOTCON holds an annual hacker conference, along the months of September or October. The conference first started in Metro Cebu, 3 events namely ROOTCON 2 (a.ka. BeerTalk 2), ROOTCON 3 (a.k.a GreyHat Gathering) and ROOTCON 4 were held in Metro Manila. Until such time the founder decided to give a strategic venue for Luzon and Mindanao con-goers so all succeeding events are now held in Metro Cebu.
After the two consecutive gatherings, DEFCON brought up their copyright protection concerns, having observed that the Philippine Hacker and InfoSec group was carrying a name very similar to theirs.
DEFCONPH was then renamed PinoyGreyHat, under which one conference was held before the founder finally decided to rebrand to a more neutral and conference-friendly name: ROOTCON. The name was officially changed on 09-August-2010.
With the same crew and team on board, ROOTCON is still the premier hacking conference in the Philippines.
RootCon8 New3
Hi everyone 8 DAYS to go til Early Registration Closing avail now the early bird registration for only PHP3,300.00 get those huge discount for ROOTCON 8
zer0day (Early Registration) even a good tool cannot protect an 0day
Swarm (Group of 5) –Team Hackers (rate based on regular rate w/ discount)
n00bs (Student’s rate) –Rate based on regular rate, no student discounts on early registration
P4wn3d (Regular Rate) Oh boy you’ve been pawned
ROOTCON Post-Party Aug 31, 2014
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Enjoy and see you soon guyz..

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