Johnny – GUI for John the Ripper

Johnny is a cross-platform GUI frontend for John the Ripper, the popular
password cracker, written in C++ using the Qt framework.
Johnny’s aim is to automate and simplify the password cracking routines as well
as add extra functionality like session management, using the immense capabilities
and features offered by John the Ripper.
The application uses John The Ripper for the actual work, thus it needs to be
installed on your system. Official core version or the community-enhanced
version (jumbo) are both supported.

  1. user could start, pause and resume attack (though only one session is allowed globally),
  2. all attack related options work,
  3. all input file formats are supported (pure hashes, pwdump, passwd, mixed),
  4. ability to resume any previously started session via session history,
  5. suggest the format of each hashes,
  6. try lucky guesses with password guessing feature,
  7. “smart” default options,
  8. accurate output of cracked passwords,
  9. config is stored in .conf file (~/.john/johnny.conf),
  10. nice error messages and other user friendly things,
  11. export of cracked passwords through clipboard,
  12. export works with office suits (tested with LibreOffice Calc),
  13. available in english and french,
  14. allows you to set environment variables for each session directly in Johnny


Johnny is hosted at Github. https://github.com/shinnok/johnny

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