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Firefox Security Toolkit – A tool that transforms Firefox browsers into a penetration testing suite

Firefox Security Toolkit is A tool that transforms Firefox browsers into a penetration testing suite.
It downloads the most important extensions, and install it on your browser. The used extensions has been chosen by a survey among the information security community. Based on it’s results, Firefox Security Toolkit was made. Also, it allows you to download Burp Suite certificate and a large user-agent list for User-Agent Switcher. Making it one-click away to prepare your web-application testing browser.

How does it differs from well-known projects, such as OWASP Mantra and Hcon STF?

OWASP Mantra and Hcon STF are not regularly updated, and needs a lot of work in order to develop and maintain. Meanwhile, Firefox Security Toolkit does not need a additional maintaining, although I would be maintaining it for any issues/bugs if needed. The used extensions are downloaded from Mozilla Addons Store with its latest version, to ensure the best testing experience for the penetration tester.
Who can use Firefox Security Toolkit?
Web-Application Penetration Testers, Information Security Learners, and basically anyone interested in web-application security.
The project currently supports Linux/Unix environments.

bash ./

Demo Video:

Available Addons:
Cookie Export/Import
Cookie Manager
Copy as Plain Text
Crypto Fox
Disable WebRTC
Foxy Proxy
Live HTTP Headers
Multi Fox
Right-Click XSS
Tamper Data
User Agent Switcher
Web Developer
Additional Features:
Downloading Burp Suite Certificate
Downloading a large user-agent list for User-Agent Swithcer

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