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TeemIp – IP Address Management Solution

TeemIp is an open source, WEB based, IP Adress Management (IPAM) tool that provides comprehensive IP Management capabilities. It allows you to manage your IPv4 and IPv6 spaces through a simple and powerful user interface: track user requests, allocate IPs, manage your IP plan and your subnet space in accordance with best in class IP Management practices. At the same time, its CMDB allows you to manage your IT inventory and to link your CIs to the IPs they use.
TeemIp can be installed as a standalone application (default download) or as an additional module of open source iTop product (ITSM & CMDB OpenSource):


  • IPv4 and IPv6 Registration
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Subnet & Range Management – Subnet calculator
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Plans Management with nesting capabilities
  • Delegation of IP space from parent to child organizations
  • Capacity Planning
  • Extended and customizable CMDB
  • Enhanced linkage capabilities between IPs and network devices or systems
  • Management of VLANs, DNS Domains, WAN Links, AS Numbers, VRFs…
  • Helpdesk & User Portal
  • Proactive mail Notifications on capacity thresholds
  • CSV import tool for all data
  • Consistency audit to check data quality
  • Multi Customer Environment supporting overlapping IP spaces
  • Data synchronization (data federation)
  • History on all data
  • … on top of iTop powerfull engine.

Check the online demo of TeemIp  at:

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