Information Gathering

Snitch – A tool which automate Information Gathering

Snitch is a tool which automate information gathering process for specified domain. Using build-in dork categories, this tool helps gather specified informations domain which can be found using web search engines. It can be quite useful in early phases of pentest.
To download Snitch from git:
1. Open a terminal and execute the following command.

git clone

Usage and Example:

root@0x69:~/snitch$ python
                       _ __       __  
           _________  (_) /______/ /_ 
          / ___/ __ \/ / __/ ___/ __ \ 
         (__  ) / / / / /_/ /__/ / / /
        /____/_/ /_/_/\__/\___/_/ /_/ ~0.3   
Usage: [options]
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -U [url], --url=[url]
                        domain(s) or domain extension(s) separated by comma*
  -D [type], --dork=[type]
                        dork type(s) separated by comma*
  -C [dork], --custom=[dork]
                        custom dork*
  -O [file], --output=[file]
                        output file
  -S [ip:port], --socks=[ip:port]
                        socks5 proxy
  -I [seconds], --interval=[seconds]
                        interval between requests, 2s by default
  -P [pages], --pages=[pages]
                        pages to retrieve, 10 by default
  -v                    turn on verbosity
 Dork types:
  info   Information leak & Potential web bugs
  ext    Sensitive extensions
  docs   Documents & Messages
  files  Files & Directories
  soft   Web software
  all    All
root@0x69:~/snitch$ python -D ext -U gov -P15
[!] Pages limit set to 15
[+] Target: gov
[+] Looking for sensitive extensions
[+] Done!

Download Snitch at Github Repository: Snitch

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