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Script Kiddies + Open-Sourced Tools = PvP hacking Games

A PvP/PvE server-hacking game for PC available on windows. Linux and MAC where everyone knows how to shake their bum and its  also open-sourced tools and assets!

Script Kiddies is a (small) game about the awesomeness, the oddness, and the silliness of computer and video game culture. It’s also a game about competitive computer hacking. At its core though, it’s a game about entering a series of random buttons faster than the other player and totally shakin’ your booty in their face. Planned release is Spring 2015 for PC/Mac/Linux.

  • Each player has three floors to defend from virus attacks sent by the opposing player. You climb up and down these floors, accessing the computer terminals, and entering the sequence of buttons on the screen.
  • The catch? The other player can access the same floor-computer, get the same sequence of buttons, but then enter them faster than you and send a virus before you can finish the sequence. That’s where the real game is: are you a faster coder than your opponent?
  • Also, viruses travel at a certain speed, so you or your opponent have time to block an enemy virus by sending one of your own. It quickly becomes a frantic button-masher mixed with quasi-tower defense as you not only have to be a better scripter than your opponent, but also a better manager!
  • Each playable character has a special ability that allows the player to gain an advantage over the other player for a short time. These take the forms of super fast and powerful viruses, spam pop-ups that block the other player’s screen, and the ability to send a virus on every floor at once.
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