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Prey: Utility for tracking stolen computers fo Ubuntu and Debian

Prey is a lightweight program that will help you track and find your laptop if it ever gets stolen.
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Prey comprises a shell script which calls out on a regular basis to either a server run by prey project, or a url nominated by the system administrator. A graphical configuration tool is also provided which is used to maintain the simple config file.
Prey in now available on Ubuntu’s official package repositories.
1. To install Prey on Ubuntu just open a Terminal (crtl+alt+t).

sudo apt-get install prey

2. Open now prey in Dash
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3. Log-in now now with prey, if you don’t have account yet just click new user to create account for prey:
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4. Add device that you want to track in prey Control Panel
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5. Log-in to to mange your device:
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Download Prey here: Prey 0.5.3 for Ubuntu 
Visit Official site:
Enjoi and happy tracking
UbuntuPirates 🙂

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