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How to Remote File System through SSH in Linux/Ubuntu

SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol that allows secure communication between two network devices. SSH primarily used to access Linux and Unix based system shell remotely.
In this tutorials i will discuss to use ssh to mount remote machine file system on local machine, before i proceed let me discuss first what is SSHFS. SSHFS is a tool that uses SSH to enable mounting of a remote filesystem on a local machine; the network is mostly transparent to the user. Because SSHFS authenticates connections, you can be sure that only those who should have access to remote directories can mount them as long as everything is configured properly.
1. To install sshfs via APT open a terminal and run:

apt-get install sshfs

2. How to mount a filesystem, once sshfs is installed running it is very simple:
How to Use. (Syntax).

sshfs user@remote_machine mount_point

3. If we need to mount /root partition of your server then, First create a mount point for the server.

mkdir /mnt/root

4. Then run sshfs as,

sshfs [email protected]:/root /mnt/root

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