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BruteX v1.2 was Released!

Automatically brute force all services running on a target including:

  • Open ports
  • DNS domains
  • Usernames
  • Passwords

USAGE: ./brutex target

  • NMap
  • Hydra
  • SNMPWalk
  • DNSEnum


  • 20150915 – v1.2 adds dnsenum / removes DNSDict6 as no longer supported on Kali 2.0
  • 20150904 – v1.2 removed wfuzz web file brute forcing as it was too error prone and noisy
  • 20150904 – v1.2 adds the ability to specify a port to target (ie. 23 for telnet) to automatically brute force
  • 20150904 – v1.2 added additional ports to scan and brute force
  • 20150904 – v1.2 added additional default users to brute force

To brute force multiple hosts, use brutex-massscan and include the IP’s/hostnames to scan in the targets.txt file.

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